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Financial Advisory and Consulting Services
Need professional Financial Advisory and Consulting Services?

We've helped clients make educated business decisions with their real estate investments for over 70 years.

Financial Advisory and Consulting Services

With over 70 years of experience as an independent commercial financing firm, M&CO is often sought after and trusted to perform consulting assignments for clients seeking discretion, integrity, and critical expertise in commercial real-estate financing matters.

Our clients value our integrity, independence, and that we keep them company every step of the way.

Our Financial Advisory Services:

  • Valuation and sale of mortgage portfolios.
  • Advising financial institutions on their mortgage underwriting practices.
  • Advising private-sector clients on financial restructuring.
  • Create competition on financing offers to get our clients the best deal in the market.
  • Assist clients with all 3rd party report execution and delivery.

M&CO has created a longstanding history of providing support and advice to each of our clients, from private owners to other financial institutions across Canada.

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When looking for straightforward financing consultation that understands your tailored interests, look no further than M&CO. Be part of the company we keep.

Murray & Company Limited is more than an independently owned financial advisory firm. We’re a team of financing professionals that takes our relationship with our clients personally.

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